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+ Increase employee engagement

+ Navigate leadership transitions

+ Differentiate their offering

+ Better recruit the right talent

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What's at risk, what you've tried, where you stand


Re-think the approach, uncover possibility


Apply insight, adapt,
plan integration

We Have Helped Our Clients

What our clients say about our work together

"They are progressive thinkers and truly challenged us to get out of our comfort zone and view the business through a different lens."

Brett Greene
General Manager, Willington Nameplate

"The most remarkable part of the process was Brent’s guiding hand and ability to capture, distill and re-articulate our thinking into powerful, vivid language."

Fred Mandell
President/CEO, Global Institute Arts & Leadership

"In professional services, it is extremely rare to get more than you anticipated, and rarer still to get exponentially more."

Barry Svigals
Founder and Managing Partner,
Svigals + Partners




FATHOM is a Connecticut-based creative consultancy that works with brands and businesses – bringing life to initiatives that drive individual and business growth.

Let’s chat so I can get a better idea of your challenge, explain how design day will work, what it will cost, and get your team scheduled.


Brent Robertson

Partner, Fathom

Tell me more about Design Day

The day is designed to move your initiative forward by shifting the way you see and approach your challenge

Two-thirds of strategic initiatives fail to deliver because there’s no genuine buy-in from the larger team. Design Day uses one of your critical business problems to model, in real time, an approach to program design that will give you a new way to look at your business and your people, and will give everything you do a greater chance of success.

+ New ways to think and act that will speed success

+ Clear objectives that will engage your team

+ Next steps that will generate the most progress

+ A team ready and excited to get started

Design Day Will Result In



Your Design Day Leader

Brent is an accomplished facilitator, speaking and advising at national organizations that support the A/E/C industry including, Society of Marketing Professional Services, The Construction Institute, and The U.S. Green Building Council.

Brent is a partner at Fathom and the Center For Leadership Studies.

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