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An objective examination of how you are thought of by your most important audiences

FATHOM is a Connecticut-based creative consultancy that works with brands and businesses to bring life to initiatives that drive individual and business growth.

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What else can I expect from Identity Assessment?

"Our research suggests that the more consumers can accurately verbalize the principal characteristics of the brand promise…the greater the share of their business they give those brands. In short: Greater alignment brings greater success."

- From the Gallup article:
Do Consumers "Get" Your Brand?

How our four-week process unfolds:

Know What People Really Think About Your Company

Fathom's Identity Assessment will reveal if the story you tell is leaving the impression you want.


An understanding of where there are opportunities to improve identity alignment


Clarity on which initiatives would be most beneficial to pursue

How do I know if my organization is aligned?

What you say about your company matches what customers believe



What you say about your company matches what employees understand


The experience your employees deliver matches what customers expect

The result is customer trust and loyalty, and long-term success for your business.

Fathom’s Identity Assessment provides a snapshot of the alignment between what you say about your company and what people believe.

Week 1 - Survey
We work with you to develop an online survey, usually around five questions, designed to reveal how your company is perceived by the people who are important to your success. A list of people within your key audience categories—typically customers, employees, suppliers, board members, etc.—is identified and invited to complete the survey.

Week 2 - Review
We evaluate select expressions of your brand (e.g. website, marketing collateral, proposals, client presentations, employee handbook, job descriptions, press releases, press coverage, etc.) to get a sense of the story you tell about your company to both external and internal audiences.

Week 3 - Synthesize
Using the survey results and our evaluation of your communications, we identify patterns that suggest how your story is being told, understood, and carried forward.

Week 4 - Apply
We share our findings with you in a session that includes a visioning exercise that begins to create a picture of what your organization’s ideal future could look like.

Fathom’s Identity Assessment allows you to confidently decide how and where to apply your resources for greatest business impact.

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What our clients say about Identity Assessment


"Identity Assessment was the first step in building the foundation for the tremendous rebirth that has happened at Motorlease. Having a focused idea of who we are, broke down internal divisions, and has created an environment where all employees are working toward the same goals."

Beth Kandrysawtz
CEO - Motorlease

"The insights gained from the assessment allowed us to really look deep inside the organization and ourselves and begin to open up lines of communication with our team and our clients to build a more marketable and trusted brand."

Clayton Oliver
CFO - Component Engineers


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